What is direct primary care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new model for delivering primary healthcare services. Patients who utilize Direct Primary Care at Balance Health pay a monthly subscription for unlimited access to their physician. This differs from traditional, insurance-driven healthcare plans because it changes the focus from taking care of insurance companies to taking care of the patient.

Direct primary care is beneficial to individuals and families because you don't have to worry about paying co-pays when you walk in our door. You could see your provider every single day, and the price to you is always the same! We maintain a smaller patient panel than the average doctor in the mainstream medical system, and this is beneficial because it allows us to keep our availability open to meet with you, our patient, in a timely manner. This also allows us to truly get to know you as an individual.

By spending quality time with our patients, we can save them the hassle of going over their medical history over, and over, again. At Balance Health our care is tailored to your needs (no cookie-cutter approaches here!).
We can provide this affordable service because we aren't focused on the time-stealing coding and billing requirements that big insurance companies demand. Instead, we cut the insurance companies out of the equation, so that we can put all our attention toward our patients' needs.

Does this mean that there is no place for health insurance? No! You may still utilize your health insurance for procedures not yet available at Balance Health. We understand and agree that and it's a good idea to have a safety net in case of an emergency. You are also able to use your health savings accounts (HSA) to cover your membership or to pay for supplements and medication at Balance Health.